Take your abdominal training to the next level! 

Posted on January 21 2016

It doesn't matter if you are new to training or a real gym junkie - this program will help you get those well defined abs you've always wanted. 

The 6-pack Abs program is also suitable to the person who has gone through a physical transformation, but now reached a plateau and struggles to shift that last bit of belly fat.

Our 6-pack in 6 weeks program is a progressive training program that you will do first twice weekly, then 3 times per week and easy/advanced options are provided.

This program is best performed at the gym, and so we recommend that you train there. But one can also train at home with some modifications if you have a selection of weights, a Swiss ball (Pilates ball) and a mat.


Enjoy your training!!

Photo by @neveuxstudios, graphic design by @stawhyc

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