Posted on June 21 2017

Let's face it, getting up early to head to the gym can be tough during cold winter mornings... To help you stay in shape without having to visit the gym, 360Health Personal Trainer and Physiotherapist Alex has created a Superset HIIT Home Workout for you - as recently published in Women's Health & Fitness Magazine.

This workout can be done from the comfort of your own home and requires a chair only!

Perform your warm up, then move onto Superset 1. Once both exercises for the superset have been completed, rest for 30 seconds. Then, perform Superset 2, rest, and so forth until all 5 supersets have been completed! At the end of Superset 5, rest for as long as you need before starting over. Beginners: 2 rounds, Intermediate: 3-4 rounds, Advanced: 5 rounds.



Jog on the spot for 1 minute + 10 bodyweight squats x 2 sets

Forward dynamic lunges x 20 + 10 push-ups x 2 sets


Jump Squats x 15

Squat down, then jump up high, lifting your arms in the air as you jump!

Push-up to T x 16

Knees or toes. Perform a push-up, then turn your body sideways into a side plank, reaching up. Come back to centre, and perform to the other side.


Step up onto chair / Lunge back combination x 15 each leg

Place your right foot in the middle of the chair seat. Thrust your body up, lifting your left knee. Step down and lunge back with your right leg. Repeat 15 times, then change legs.

Dips off chair x 15

Hands shoulder-width apart behind you, fingers pointing forward, hips off the seat. Bend and extend your elbows, keeping your hips close to the seat.


Bulgarian lunges with foot on chair x 15

Place the top of your foot on the edge of the chair seat. Jump the other foot forward about a metre away from the chair. Bend your standing leg deeply, dropping the back knee down towards the floor, and press up again. Knee travels straight forward in line with toes.

Hover / Plank combination x 16

Knees or toes. Start in a Hover position, resting on your forearms. Press up onto your hands into a high plank position. Return to your forearms again. Lead with your right arm 8 rounds up/down, then change to lead with left. Abs tight and hips as still as possible.


Hip bridge hold with alternating leg lift x 10

Lie on your back with your feet hip-width apart. Lift hips into a bridge position. If possible, interlace fingers under you. Lift one knee up, extend the leg, bend again, and return foot to floor. Repeat other side. Try keep hips as high as possible and move very slowly.

Fireflies with push-up combination x 10

As you execute your push-up (knees or toes), bring your knee towards your elbow at the bottom of your range. Return to starting position, and then pull the other leg forward as you do your push-up.


Supine plank hold x 30 sec

Start in a seated position with legs extended in front of you on the floor. Hands by hips, fingers pointing outwards. Press through hands and shoulders, lifting chest proud, then also lift hips off the floor. Try pushing the soles of your feet towards the floor.

Double leg extension / Crunch combination

Extend your legs to 45 degrees and reach your arms behind your head. Then, crunch up curling your knees towards your chest and reaching your hands towards your feet.


For all exercises, a strong core brace and good posture is essential.

Good luck with this efficient HOME WORKOUT!!


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