About Team 360Health - Rob Quatro & Mark Robinson

Founders and directors of Team360Health:
Rob Quatro: Master Personal Trainer - CALL 0414 829 333
Mark Robinson: Accredited Dietitian - CALL 0431 074 022

Core Values

  1. Integrity – honesty in all dealings
  2. Respect & Selfless Generosity towards others
  3. Persistence (confidence, consistency, conscientiousness, patience)
  4. Empathy and Encouragement

Position Statement

For health and fitness enthusiasts, 360Health supplements offer a natural pathway to optimal health, muscle repair and lean body management. A total health transformation can be achieved when this supplement is used in combination with Health Man Mark's Dietitian services and Rob Quatro’s Personal Training Programs. ​


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360Health offers services in all areas of wellbeing:

  • Natural Supplements - A full range of Gold Standard Quality Natural Supplements for weight loss, muscle recovery, muscle building, weight gain and fat burning.
  • Dietitian Eating Plans - Mark Robinson provides individualised eating plans based on your goals. Mark will tailor the plan to your lifestyle and needs.
  • Personal Training - Our team of Personal Trainers are highly qualified and passionate about your health and fitness! We cater for beginners to advanced, young and mature aged, as well as sport specific training for athletes. Our Personal Trainers will help motivate you and keep you accountable to your goals.
  • Competition Prep - For those who wish to compete in Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Shows, we provide full competition prep packages and services. This includes, training, diet, motivation, posing, photoshoot opportunities, tanning, hair and makeup.
  • Workshops, Seminars, Public Speaking - Our team love to share our passion for health and wellbeing with the community! Mark has provided many nutrition seminars at public events and schools, including the Brisbane Fitness Expo and The Southport School. Rob has similarly shared his 30 years of experience as a Personal Trainer as well as incredible life story at schools and public events. Together they also enjoy providing motivational speeches and discussing their Christian values with young people. Mark and Rob are also available for guest posing sessions and ambassador work at events.