• Protein (WPI) - Natural - 1kg & 500g
  • Protein (WPI) - Natural - 1kg & 500g

Protein (WPI) - Natural - 1kg & 500g


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Product Details

360Health Natural Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), is formulated to be the cleanest WPI possible with less than 2% fat and less than 0.5% sugar, it is the perfect solution for a healthy, convenient snack and essential for muscle tone post training.

A couple more distinguishing facts of our 360Health WPI is the country of origin being France, where the cows are grass fed in immaculate pastures, thus producing highest grade milk that undergoes a natural cold filtration process to extract the Whey – leaving behind the unwanted milk fats and sugars such as lactose. 

This manufacturing process is unique as the majority of the markets WPI’s are a by product of cheese (rather than milk), meaning heating is involved in the manufacturing of the Whey, which in fact changes the natural nature of the original Whey, known as ‘denaturing’. 

360Health WPI prides itself on being NON-denatured!

The result being far easier digestion for the gut eliminating the risk of bloating and discomfort. 

A final point of difference is the exclusion of any unnecessary ingredients, such as milk powders and solids or artificial flavours, sweeteners and colours!

In summary: 

  • All Natural Ingredients with NO artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours or preservatives
  • Highest possible Protein content – 95g per 100g
  • 0.7g lactose per 100g and 0.5g fat per 100g
  • Add your own favourite extras without diluting the Protein content
  • This Protein comes directly from grass fed cows’ skim milk rather than as a bye-product of cheese.
  • Non-Denatured Protein free from heating
  • Our Protein is therefore easily digested and absorbed in its purest form; no more bloating or discomfort
  • Strong Amino Acid Profile, particularly high in the Branch Chain Amino Acid Leucine, which is the primary amino acid for muscle growth. Also higher in the essential Amino Acid Tryptophan, resembling quantities found in mothers milk.
  • Higher cysteine levels also make this protein a pre-cursor for antioxidant release.
  • Tastes great even in its natural form!

Ingredients: 100% Natural Whey Protein Isolate, sunflower lecithin

Suggested Serving: 30g (one level scoop) with 200ml of water for a natural high protein snack and immediately post exercise for necessary muscle recovery and replenishment.

Breakfast Option: Mix one scoop into oats or natural muesli or blend with low fat natural yoghurt, LSA and berries for a macro-nutrient-balanced start to the day.

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